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The Feng Shui Mastery Program is a Comprehensive Education in the Authentic Spiritual Science and Art of Classical Feng Shui.

Why have students from across North America and beyond traveled to New York State to study Feng Shui? The answer is the unique education offered by The Feng Shui Mastery Program.


The Feng Shui Mastery Program was established because of two unanswered needs. There is a shortage of properly educated practitioners of authentic classical Feng Shui (some practitioners ask their clients to wait several weeks or longer for an appointment). There are also many creative and spiritual individuals who have never been shown how to transform their talents into an excellent career.


Everyday, articles and TV shows talk about how the ancient Chinese science and art of Feng Shui can bring about improvements in all areas of life - health, finances, relationships, and more. Each day, more people seek the help of Feng Shui practitioners to modify their homes and workplaces so that their lives may experience positive change. Today, most American practitioners are trained in Black Sect or other non-traditional forms of Feng Shui. Our focus on the traditional, or classical, form gives our graduates an important edge in the marketplace - our students are sometimes surprised to find that they have a waiting list of clients before they even graduate! 


Authentic Feng Shui cannot be learned  from books alone. Much of the available literature is contradictory, confusing,  and even erroneous. Few books go into the intricate formulas of authentic Feng  Shui and, if they do, present the material such that the lay person finds it  very difficult to apply. There are only several schools of authentic classical Feng Shui  throughout the world. Those that exist are mostly far away, very expensive, or require lengthy courses of study. The Feng Shui Mastery Program was created as a way to learn this complex science and art in a fraction of the time that it takes elsewhere, and at a fraction of the cost. The Feng Shui Mastery Program  brings clarity to a complex field of study, and at a New York location that is easily accessible from the entire northeast.            

Since its introduction in 2001, The Feng Shui Mastery Program has brought great success to many of our graduates, and to the clients of our graduates, many of whom report significant improvements in their lives and businesses. 

Once our students graduate from our Program, they have the opportunity to work towards Professional Certification. The major steps to Professional Certification are passing an exam, and conducting three consultations in accordance with our prescribed format, including one house, one apartment and one business. Graduates of The Feng Shui Mastery Program, who earn Professional Certification, have demonstrated an impressive level of competence. This truly prepares them to open their own professional practices, ready to help others live happier, more successful, and healthier lives.

Autumn 2017 – Vestal (Binghamton), NY

The complete Feng Shui Mastery Program is presented in just 10 days! The Autumn 2017 Program will be held on 5 alternating weekends in September, October and  November.


Even today, the popularity of Feng Shui has only just begun to spread across North America - you can still get in on the ground floor of an exciting and trend setting profession that is sure to grow rapidly in coming years. The East Coast, especially, is an untapped  market! There has never been a better time to get started toward the career of your dreams!


The Program is comprehensive yet requires only ten days in the classroom. A great deal of material is covered in each class. Nevertheless, the classes are always interesting and enjoyable. There is a very high level of personal attention, and each student's individual needs and learning style are respected.       

Enrollment in The Feng Shui Mastery Program is an excellent investment in yourself and your future! The American School of Classical Feng Shui is dedicated to your success!



Do you wish to practice Feng Shui professionally? Feng Shui is rapidly gaining popularity across North America. In many areas, the demand for skilled practitioners of authentic classical Feng Shui is already much greater than the supply. Public acceptance of Feng Shui today is where acupuncture was about 50 years ago. The enormous interest in Feng Shui will not peak for years. The Feng Shui Mastery Program is your road to success as a Feng Shui practitioner. The only prerequisites are a degree of creativity, a sense of spirituality, and a willingness to take a step forward towards a new career!        

Do you want the skills needed to correctly apply Feng Shui to your own home or business? Much of the popular Feng Shui literature contains contradictions. This is partly because many books are based on non-traditional interpretations of Feng Shui. Furthermore, much of the available written material contains errors. Most books do not go into the intricate formulas of authentic Feng Shui and, if they do, present the material in such a way that the lay person finds it very difficult to apply. This is unfortunate because Feng Shui must be applied correctly and precisely. To do otherwise can result in more harm than good. The Feng Shui Mastery Program has developed a unique curriculum that will enable you to attain a high level of expertise in even the most complex aspects of formulaic Feng Shui, in a very short time!        

Are you an Interior designer, architect, real estate professional, or other professional who wishes to acquire a solid background in authentic Feng Shui? Feng Shui is an excellent adjunct to any career dealing with residential or commercial buildings. Interior designers who incorporate Feng Shui into their design recommendations will find that they can assist their clients in far more ways than before. Architects will find that many clients are interested in living and working environments that represent good Feng Shui. Real estate professionals will stimulate a great deal of interest in a property when they can demonstrate that the building has good Feng Shui features.

Are you currently a Feng Shui practitioner educated in Black Sect or other methodologies, who wishes to understand and practice traditional Feng Shui? Most North American Feng Shui practitioners employ Black Sect or other non-traditional forms of Feng Shui. A solid education in classical Feng Shui offers the practitioner a real edge in the marketplace. As public understanding of Feng Shui grows, an increasing number of clients look for practitioners who use the formulas and methodologies that have been used in Asia for thousands of years. The Feng Shui Mastery Program can rapidly provide you with the ability to practice Feng Shui in its authentic traditional form.    

Master Aaron Lee Koch - Director and Instructor

Master Aaron Lee Koch, B.A.-Ed., M.S. is a Feng Shui Master whose clients include successful companies and individuals across the northeast US & beyond. His background includes experience as a talented educator in New York's secondary schools, many years in the corporate world, and decades of spiritual & metaphysical practice. He began to study Feng Shui in 1982 and has been educated, in North America and Asia, by some of the world's most renowned experts in Feng Shui and in Chinese and western metaphysics. Master Aaron is author of "Feng Shui Q&A", "Feng Shui Secrets for Glowing Health, Serious Wealth and Great Relationships", and of the popular column "Ask Aaron - About Feng Shui and Life".

Master Aaron founded The American School of Classical Feng Shui because he saw two unanswered needs across America. As his professional Feng Shui consulting practice grew, he saw that there was a real need for properly educated practitioners of authentic classical Feng Shui. He also knew that there are creative and spiritual individuals whose talents are not being used to better our world for one simple reason - they have not been shown, through an effective educational process, that their talents can be channeled into an excellent career. Out of these observations came the empowering curriculum that is The Feng Shui Mastery Program.


Class 1 - Saturday, Sept 23

Feng Shui Fundamentals 

Origins and historical background of Feng Shui. Various approaches used in North America today. Five elements - building blocks of everything. The impact of landforms and other exterior features.     

Class 2 - Sunday, Sept 24

Eight Mansions Feng Shui 

Locating the energy center of a building. The eight energies of the pa kua. Personal kua Numbers and best directions. Applying Feng Shui to the garden.       

Class 3 - Saturday, Oct 7

Symbolic Feng Shui & "Inner" Feng Shui

Metaphysics for success. Traditional Chinese Feng Shui symbolism. Non-traditional symbolism.    

Class 4 - Sunday, Oct 8

Flying Star Feng Shui - Part 1 

Finding the facing direction. The 24 mountains. Creating a natal chart for a building.  

Class 5 - Saturday, Oct 21

Flying Star Feng Shui - Part 2 

Mountain and water energy. Interpretation of the natal chart. Enhancers for positive energies. Cures for negative energies.    

Class 6 - Sunday, Oct 22  

Analyzing a Home or Business 

Selecting sites for new construction. The 120 Bags of Gold formula. Case study. Business case study.        

Class 7 - Saturday, Nov 4

Authentic Feng Shui Decorating 

Principles of furniture placement. Correcting poison arrows. Feng Shui measurements.        

Class 8 - Sunday, Nov 5

Intro to Chinese Fortune Telling 

The I Ching as personal oracle. Analyzing the earthly branches & heavenly stems. The Four Pillars of Destiny. Basics of face reading.             

Class 9 - Saturday, Nov 18 

Atmospheric Enhancers 

Aromatherapy. Crystal energy. Energetic space clearing. Intro to Bau-Biologie - the science of healthy buildings.

Class 10 - Sunday, Nov 19

Feng Shui Consulting 

Types of consultation formats. Pricing guidelines for new practitioners. Advertising and publicity.          


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